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Top Best Facebook Messenger Tracking Apps


Sep 15, 2020

If you’re using Facebook Messenger for a lot of your communication with your friends, then you know how useful it is to know how many people are in your chat room and their location. Facebook Messenger allows you to set up multiple groups within the app. And since you want to send messages, share links, and access other features such as uploading images and videos, you might want to know who’s in your group.


One of the most common ways to get this information is through the Messenger Tracking feature. When you set up your group, you can enter the number of people inside in the ‘group size’ section on the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll be able to see how many people are in each group, and where they are located on your map (with their name and address) if you enter those details into the Messenger Tracking area on the top right-hand corner of the page.


If you do not have any groups created, then you can still track them with Messenger Tracking by entering their names in the search box. The Messenger Tracking feature will pull up the information that you need from your profile or the settings, depending on what type of account you have chosen.


You can also track your chat group from Facebook Messenger. The Messenger Tracking feature will give you the time and date you were invited, how long it took to receive the invitation, how many messages were sent and received, how many new messages were opened, and how long your conversation stayed open and active. You can also track the people you were chatting with and who sent messages, and which group you belong to.


Facebook Messenger has many other features that you might find useful. One such feature is the ability to look up people by their email addresses. If you happen to have an email address in your profile, you can easily search it using Messenger Tracking so you can see who is sending you emails and whether or not they’re friends in your chat group.


When using Messenger, you will probably get a lot of people asking you questions, and you might want to give them the option to email you. The Message Forward feature lets you send people email replies or messages. And, of course, Facebook Messenger allows you to send direct messages to people.

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