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Some popular plots in Hindi dubbed movies


Oct 6, 2019

South Indian Cinema has come a long way in competing the ever big Bollywood Industry. They are today making some of the best films in the world, that people are eager to watch their Hindi dubbed movies. These movies are making big not only on Indian box office but also in the foreign land.

South Industry has today surpassed Bollywood in making one of the best movies of all time. One such movie that did a huge blast at the Indian box office is telugu cinema. It broke every Bollywood record ever created by any movie. It became the highest grossing Indian movie crossing the 500 Crores Club. And so far, it remains the only movie in that club, that even megastars like the 3 Khans are not able to touch.

Some popular plots in Hindi dubbed movies

South Industry makes a variety of movies, having a different cast and storyline as compared to each other. But mostly the movies that are shown on the televisions, carry a similar storyline and plot. One of the famous plots that we see in almost every dubbed movie is an actor falling in love with the actress. And then either actor’s family or actress’s family creates problems for them. Or there is a major goon in the town that is the worst enemy of the actor and hence is creating problems for them.

Even though a very cliche plot, these movies are loved by all because of the thrill they get by seeing them and change from Bollywood cinema.

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