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How to Manage a Delivery Fleet for Your Business


Oct 11, 2020

When you company formation Latvia and it fails to run at peak efficiency, that can lead to bigger problems throughout the rest of your company. Sub-standard vehicles, a disgruntled workforce, poorly planned routes, and rising fuel prices can all prove devastating for any business, large or small. That’s why it’s absolutely vital your delivery fleet is properly managed and for small business owners this is particularly crucial to get under control. Otherwise you could be losing revenue and spending too much on overhead.

If you are operating an enterprise that relies on the performance of its delivery fleet or you’re just only now considering fleet leasing, have a look at some of these helpful tips to see where there might be some room for improvement in your company.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Every delivery fleet comes with mandatory and unavoidable expenses, such as insurance premiums, fuel prices, driver wages, and vehicle maintenance. But if you really want to lower your expenses, you need to break them down to a per-mile average. That way you can identify whether or not it makes sense to make deliveries with your own fleet of drivers or hire couriers to make some of your deliveries. Don’t feel like you need to always use your delivery fleet if there is a less expensive alternative to get the job done instead.

Route Planning

Efficiency means figuring out which routes can bring the most profit and avoiding those that are a waste of your time and money. Good fleet management requires breaking down all of the travel data for your previous routes and deciding how to be more efficient in your planning. Find the routes that can allow you to make more pickups and drops along the way as well as those that are nonstop and shorter distances. You don’t want to send a driver on a route that will take multiple days for just one drop-off. That’s an inefficient use of your time and money.

Planning your routes correctly should also take the type of vehicle you use for each route into account. Make sure to send the vehicle that can accommodate the delivery that needs to be made without sending one that is too small or too big and still remains completely fuel-efficient for the trip.

Driver Incentives

Offering rewards for your drivers can be getting those costs under control as well. No one wants to see empty miles on the spreadsheet so giving drivers bonus incentives to meet certain goals each month can make your delivery fleet operate more effectively. This not only brings up recruitment numbers of drivers, who want to perform well, but helps to improve driver performance, minimizes accidents which keeps insurance costs down, and reduces maintenance and fuel costs in the bargain. The goal is to retain those drivers who are an asset to the organization through fair, even generous, compensation for a job well done on a consistent and routine basis. Take care of your driver personnel and they will take care of your firm and its reputation.

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